About Us

About us

RoaD Air Sea (DAS) Global Freight Private Limited is not only a company which deals in logistics and Freight forwarding industry but also an overall outcome of 15+ years of dedication and experience in handling varied range of goods from across the world. DAS Global Freight addresses all pain points of a customer through experience, identifies the challenges and overcomes them through customized solutions. Facing compliance issues, preparing lots off documentation for customs clearance, the pressure of priority delivery, Safety and security of goods, maintaining an optimum condition of perishable items are some the real challenges that come in a way for a supply-chain industry. We at DAS Global Freight continuously learn from our experiences and prepare a solution where a customer should not worry about logistics, but rather they should focus more on their business growth.


DAS Global Freight always committed to offering a complete and reliable logistics and freight solution for all of your business needs. With a solid track record of fulfilling our client’s need, our complete solution is particularly tailored for individual business needs. Rest assured, we can always ensure that our client’s requirement is dealt with in a very professional and most importantly cost-effective manner.

  • Founded by the people who have 15+ years of industry experience.
  • Addressed all major and minor known pain points of a customer
  • A Tremendous record of on-time and zero error delivery.

Our Values


DAS Global Freight is always committed to providing the highest quality of services that the customer deserves. Our mission is to exceed their expectation far while continuously evolving proactively with our processes and local and international collaborations. We are committed to providing end to end logistics solutions the best in class quality service regardless of the company or the scope of transportation.


We aim to sprout all of our customer needs while offering them a one-stop solution for all their freight forwarding and customs handling requirements. We are constantly thriving to look out and to collaborate with the best and efficient agents across the world so that our customers can see and experience better days of logistics and freight services.


Our strength lies within our teamwork and infrastructure of the company. It is through our flawless coordination that we can keep up with all of our client’s requirements and consistently deliver excellent services in all the years of our existence and many more years to come. It is our strength that drives us towards our betterment so that we can serve the best to our clients.


It is very important to understand that Logistics is not just about moving cargos from one point to another. There is a huge demand for the effective supply chain management along with having the proper knowledge, skill and expertise on that matter.
With more than 20 years of experience, along with constant self-improvement that we have been able to stay competitive in our line of business. And as a matter of pride, our logistic solution incorporates all the core elements of logistics including effective planning, their implementation and most importantly, coordination.

Our Director believes in "First Use and then Believe" policy. He has more than 10 Years of experience in importing and exporting the goods as a customer which gave him deep insights of the industry in terms of all the pain points as a customer.

  • Well-versed in import and exports of industrial machines and equipment, disposable consumables, electronics and electrical equipment, perishable goods and dangerous goods.
  • Worked as a consultant to many export-import companies with his Goods Management skills and knowledge.
  • Excellent grip on Quality assurance in freight forwarding service from a customer perspective.
  • Deep understanding of Custom Duty documentation and compliances
  • National and International experience in this field across all domains and departments
Our International Logistics Manager has extensive networking across the world. He has worked in the middle east, Europe and the US for more than 16 Years. He has vast experience in collaboration with many ocean freight port, Freight insurance provider, Custom departments worldwide.

  • 16 years of freight forwarding experience in the middle east
  • Close to 8 years of work experience in India in freight forwarding operations, freight consolidation, CHA activities, international freight forwarding of export and import, courier and cargo air shipments and land transportation
  • Experience handling special cargos like Breakbulk cargo, DG cargos and warehousing etc
  • Have an excellent network of forwarding agents all over the world in major sectors as well as shipping lines and co-loaders
  • National and International experience in this field across all domains and departments

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On-Time Delivery
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Safe and Secure Delivery
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